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Designer and Glassblower

Niels Ole Frandsen

A designer from the Danish Design School and Aalto University, Niels' design language is simple and playful, and his objects are often linked to the local community and small specific stories. His graduation project is a bottle with a treasure map, which invites the user to participate in the process of seasoning their liqour. The project links Niels' childhood country, at the outermost dune line filled with biodiversity, to the process of making schnapps. He collaborates with local enthusiasts, who provide him with recipes and places to find herbs. The treasure map is found in a mouth-blown glassbottle where the bottom is blown against a sandy surface, generating a small landscape. At Orranäs Glassworks, inspiration is often found in nature. Niels' ducks are an example of this. With different colors he imitates the ducks in the pond. Sometimes the birds get a little more color and become a little more imaginative than reality. In addition to his role as designer for Orranäs, Niels also works physically close to the glass, as he is an assistant in the glass studio. The latest addition of products for Orranäs is this year's product “Fröet”, a vase made with inspiration from sunflower seeds, designed by Niels-Ole Frandsen and master glassblower Amy Krüger.