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The Glass Studio

A unique glass studio

The Glass Studio is ready!

Furnishing and glass furnace construction is starting now. The studio will open shortly. Follow us on facebook and instagram for the following updates.

The glass studio is the central place, the starting point, for everything that happens at Orranäs Glasbruk. Here, Amy Krüger works as a creative leader and among others the artist collaborators Clas Håkansson and Emilia Linderholm.

This is where you can experience the process of creating glass art up close and personal. Our experienced masters will help you and children from 5 years and up, try their hand at creating a beautiful window ball, for instance.

The glass studio will be one of the most modern in Sweden. The glow in our oven never fades, the creation is constantly going on. You are welcome to come in and sit down for a while, enjoy the craftsmanship and the warmth.