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Exhibitions and Museum Treasures of the Kingdom of Glass (Glasrikets skatter)

In the Orrefors museum, the association Glasrikets skatter displays priceless glass from different eras. Let yourself be captivated by glass that caused a stir at world exhibitions, shaped the style of many art forms and is sometimes even found in everyone’s home. The beautiful exhibition hall hosts annual exhibitions related to the town and its history of glass.

Currently on display are the Boys from Orrefors, Sven Palmqvist & Nils Landberg.


The exhibition hall is a room built with great light to give the beautiful glass objects the best conditions to present themselves.

The Exhibition Hall regularly organizes special exhibitions related to glass production, glass art, the region and its common history.

At this link you can get a taste of the treasures and exhibitions that await you in the museum.

Link to the museum curators website